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Thomas Smith, PhD, College of Education and Human Development



First author on the following three publications that have been accepted for publication.



Smith, T.J., Robertson, M.M., & Henning, R.A. Macroergonomics --- A Reappraisal. To be presented on Oct. 31, 2019 at the 63rd International Annual Meeting of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society in Seattle, and published in the Proceedings for this meeting.

Smith, T.J. & McNiven, J.The neuroergonomics of music proficiency and performance. To be published in 2020 as Chapter 13 in a book entitled, Neuroergonomics: Principles and Practice (C. S. Nam, Editor).



Smith, T.J, & Henning, R.A. The nature of the firm – a social cybernetic analysis. To be published in 2020 in the journal Work.




Thomas Stoffregen, PhD, College of Education and Human Development



Thomas Stoffregen, PhD, received an NSF grant to study motion sickness in head-mounted displays. Very HFES. Details on my lab site (search APAL CEHD).















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